Figural Planters

MOST LIKELY the baby face planter referred to in McCoy Sales Sheets

Unusual onyx glaze in this nm lion

Odd glaze Basketline Cornucopia vase or planter

Fish Planter in Green - 1955
Hard to find.
Zebra Planter - 1950's
Highly sought after.

Blueboy on the Rolling Pin - 1950's
Bird Dog Planter in Rare
Green and Black 1954

Plowboy planters - 1950's
Green color is hard to find!
Pussy at the Well Planter - 1950's
Wording around the planter:
"Stung by the Splendor" and on the
other side, "of a Sudden Thought".

Liberty Bell Planters
Bird Dogs on Point

Baby Cradle
Blueboy on Rolling Pin

Double Cache With Hummingbird
Another style of Bird Dog Planters

1954 Baby Cradle
Frog with Umbrella

Flower Holders - Late 1930's -
1940's All marked NM USA

Mammy on Scoop
Flying Ducks Planter
1955 Pink ducks

Mammy on Scoop
Nursery Planters: Lamb & Raggedy Ann

Bunny With Carrot Planter
1950'S White is hard to find.
Saddle Planter - Very Rare
Thank you Betty!

Green Froggie

Calypso Planters
Flying Ducks

Lavender duck/eggs planter
Very rare color.
Pheasant in natural colors

Cute Beagle Puppy
Fish Planter Pink - 1955

Rabbit at the Stump Planters. The blue
and yellow is a rare color combination.

Spinning wheel planter
Fisherman planter

Joe's Bowling Alleys - Bowling Planter
19th Hole Golf Planter

Baseball Glove Paperweight
Baseball Glove Planter

Black Frog Umbrella Planter
Frog W/ Detachable Umbrella Planter

Stretch Animals
1940's Large Lion, Doggie,
Horse, Goat, Ramming Goat,
Dachshund, & Small Lion


If you have the Carriage with Umbrella Planter and want to protect the wheels while displaying, a 'cut to size' piece of styrofoam inserted right under the planter and slightly higher than the wheels will take the pressure off the wheels.