Did Ya Know?

The bottom ball glove is the one made by McCoy, The top  is a heavier issue by an unknown company and the middle one is made by a commercial ceramic mold.

Other companies made Smiley's?  The one on the left is a very
lightweight reproduction by an unknown company. Stay tuned to
the journal for an upcoming article concerning Smileys!

The McCoy Pinecone teaset has been reproduced.  This item is much
smaller and much lighter in weight than the Real McCoy.

Both these mugs are made by McCoy?

This antelope square top planter was made by a foreign company years ago? 

American Pottery Co also made a novelty wren?

All tall cats aren't McCoy.  Shown here are the Black McCoy Tall cat and
the McCoy Limited Tall cat, the two white ones are not McCoy.

Tiki Mugs are a collectible division all of their own? 
The one on the right is the one that is McCoy.

There is a ceramic mold of the Whaling man lamp?  Shown here is the
genuine McCoy on the right with the ceramic mold on the left. 
Notice the difference in glazes and in the bottom.