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"McCoy Pottery Wall Pockets & Decorations, Identification & Values"
by Craig Nissen.

Craig Nissen, author of McCoy Pottery Wall Pockets & Decorations, Identification & Values, has done a superb job in the making of this book. Being a true lover and collector of McCoy Pottery shows in the details of his work.

The Butterfly Line has long been Craigs passion in McCoy. After obtaining most every butterfly piece in every color his focus has been the wall pockets by McCoy. His collection far excedes any wall pocket collections I'm aware of.

Included in this book in chronological order are wall pockets and wall decorations from l940 to 1980's. Also shown are copies of the original catalog pages when available. Different colors are shown as well as color variations and decorating variations. An example of this is the Lady with Bonnet wall pocket; he shows the commonly found one along with 18 decorated variation.

The bonus here is that he also compares the original wall pocket to the fakes that are on the market today. Unfortunately todays market place has many fakes and repros. Craig has shown the known reproductions and fakes relating to McCoy Pottery along side of the Real McCoys when applicable. This should be a very valuable asset to present collectors as well as future collectors.

The actual marks of the McCoy wall pockets are shown and current prices are given. Besides the more easily found wall pockets, Craig has included many super rare items, some from the Cope Gallery and some from Billie and Nelson McCoys collection.

Several pages of wall Decorations are shown on a sales brochure and were a complete to surprise to me, giving me more items to search for. This book is a must for the serious McCoy collector . Craig has done it again with this Wonderful McCoy Reference!

(Craig Nissen is co-author of the Hanson/Nissen/Hanson series of 3 McCoy references, McCoy Pottery, Collectors Reference and Value Guide.)


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